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Kindgom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

As I put the post on Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, I realized something.  I completely forgot to Post about Birth By Sleep.  Well, how dare I completely forget this game.  I actually liked this game.  So I say to myself, “Self Go Post about This game.”  When it came out, I quietly cried to myself, because yet another Kingdom Hearts installment was NOT for a major consul.  The thing that made me extra sad was the fact it came out for PSP.  My brother had a PSP and the dumb shit, broke it…some few months after he got it.  Forlorn, I sulked until I received my report card.  I had good grades and get a wonderful idea.  I call my mother and tell her about my wonderful grades, and ask if I could get myself a present for good grades.  She asks what.  I tell her “Oh, a PSP.”  She of course asks how much it costs.  “Like a hundred” (complete lie) She agrees and off I go to gamestop.  Instead of buying the used PSP which was like $100, I buy the deluxe silver addition with Birth By sleep included with it.  It was like $200…I didn’t tell my mom that.

Anyway, my friend already has this game, so of course he starts begging me to go to the arena with him.  I started out as Ven, so I walk Ven’s happy butt to the arena to be greeted by his level 40 something Aqua.  Long story short, I got my ass kicked hard, (my friend said raped in the face hard) and that’s how bad I lost.  I left sulking and proceeded to play by myself, until I though my Ven had leveled up enough to take on his Aqua.

I march into the Arena with my Olympus Key blade thinking I’m a total bad ass!!!  And there is that damn Aqua again…Level 61…all abilities maxed out…with some No Name Keyblade…WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SHIT!!!!

I died again…It was like watching a rottweiler attack a chihuahua.  Anyway I didn’t fight him again…cause I was scared, but I didn’t hesitate to play with him if we tag teamed his sister.  That or to have him help level me up.  I still refused to fight him until I had completed my aqua story, and too maxed out all her abilities.  However I still have yet to get the No Name Keyblade, because in order to get it you have to fight the Mysterious Figure back at the Land of Departure… he is a total bitch!!!!!

I can’t remember how many times I fought this douche bag and got my butt kicked, again, and again, and again…did I mention and again.  My friend said he was easier to beat as Terra…but man, after the eleven billion times dying as Aqua, I gave up.  “Screw this keyblade.”  I says to myself.

Anyway I fought my friend,  I was like level 64 or something, and It was finally relatively well matched despite my disadvantage without the No Name.  We would cart-wheel around like retards and shoot balls of light at one another until someone died.

All together I enjoyed this game, relieved that Square Enix finally released a game on a Sony product for one instead of the DS.  Despite all my frustrations, I enjoyed sucking Unversed into tornadoes of doom, obliterating entire groups as rocks shot up from the ground, or raped countless unversed with spiraling balls of light.  Despite Terra’s stupid dodge…(which made me mad the entire time I played as him)  I had oddles of fun playing this game.  I strongly recommend it for Kingdom Hearts fans.

Sadly this may be the last kingdom Hearts I play for a while until they finally release Kingdom Hearts III for a major consile…IF THEY EVER DO!!!  Again Square Enix torture me with Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, and now Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (Kingdom Hearts 3D), so unless I buy a damn DS I will just have to suffer with my bloody, RPG, shooters.

For all those people who want the entire back story for this thing…well I was nice enough to supply it.  Here you go.

Warning Contains Spoilers

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep begins in the Land of Departure, where three Keyblade wielders and close friends—Terra, Aqua, and Ventus (more commonly known as Ven)—train to become Keyblade Masters under Master Eraqus. To achieve this rank, Keyblade Apprentices must take the Mark of Mastery exam once they come of age. Terra and Aqua take this test together, but while Aqua passes the test, Terra is deemed unfit to become a Keyblade Master due to the abundant darkness in his heart. Afterward, a group of mysterious creatures called the Unversed begin to surface in other worlds, and another Keyblade Master, Xehanort, disappears without a trace. Terra is sent to destroy the Unversed and find Master Xehanort, who had earlier encouraged him to embrace the darkness in his heart if he desires the strength to become a Keyblade master. Ven, meanwhile, is goaded into following Terra by Xehanort’s mysterious apprentice Vanitas, against Eraqus’s wishes. Aqua is dispatched by Eraqus to survey Terra and keep him from falling into darkness, as well as to bring Ventus back to the Land of Departure.

Upon arriving in other worlds, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus encounter various Disney characters, new and old, fighting off hordes of Unversed along the way. Among the characters they meet is Mickey Mouse, apprentice of the sorcerer Yen Sid, who is also on a mission to destroy the Unversed. Terra ends up attracting the attention of several Disney villains, who offer him the whereabouts of Master Xehanort in exchange of assistance for their own dark agendas. Terra reasons that Master Xehanort is after the seven Princesses of Heart—maidens who lack darkness in their hearts—and encourages Aqua to help them strengthen the light in their hearts, hoping it will draw Master Xehanort out. However, Aqua and Ven grow increasingly concerned for Terra when they hear rumors of him committing sinister deeds throughout other worlds. The three briefly reunite at Radiant Garden, where Aqua meets Kairi, a young girl containing a strong and pure light in her heart, and helps strengthen her light. Aqua and Ven also confront Terra, who distances himself from them to keep them out of the way of his increasingly dangerous dark powers. Terra and Aqua try to convince Ven to return to the Land of Departure, but he refuses until he is certain Terra won’t fall into darkness.

Terra and Aqua eventually find themselves at Destiny Islands, where they encounter two young boys, Sora and Riku. Terra sees potential within Riku and deems him worthy of one day wielding the Keyblade, while Aqua senses strong ties with Sora and Riku to Ven and Terra, respectively. Ven, meanwhile, comes across Master Xehanort, who reveals his intentions to use Ven’s heart to create a final Keyblade known as the χ-blade, something Master Xehanort says Master Eraqus had known all along. Ven returns to the Land of Departure to confront Eraqus, who tries to erase Ven to prevent Master Xehanort’s plans from succeeding. However, Terra, who had been sent there by Xehanort, misinterprets the situation and attacks Eraqus, teleporting Ven to safety. As soon as Terra realizes his error, Master Xehanort arrives and cruelly kills Eraqus and tells Terra to go to the Keyblade Graveyard, leaving the Land of Departure to be consumed by darkness. At Destiny Islands, Ven once again encounters Vanitas and learns of his hazy past: Ventus was once Master Xehanort’s apprentice, but his heart was deemed too frail for Master Xehanort to use him as he intended, so he extracted the darkness in Ven’s heart and used it to create Vanitas. As with Terra before him, Ven is instructed by Vanitas to go to the Keyblade Graveyard. Aqua, in the meantime, learns of Eraqus’s death from Yen Sid, who tells her to go to the Keyblade Graveyard as well.

Terra, Aqua, and Ventus gather at the Keyblade Graveyard, where the remains of the mysterious Keyblade War are found. Master Xehanort appears with Vanitas and reveals his plan to use the χ-blade to unlock Kingdom Hearts and unleash the forbidden secrets of the Keyblade War onto the various worlds, as well as to use Terra’s body as a new vessel for his own heart so that he may survive long enough to see his plans come to fruition. An epic battle ensues, with Xehanort freezing Ven, and Vanitas knocking Aqua unconscious. In his rage, Terra unleashes the darkness in his heart, inadvertently allowing Xehanort to unlock his own heart and successfully transfer it into Terra’s body, which results in the birth of a new, younger Xehanort. However, Terra’s mind continues to linger in his discarded suit of Armor, which comes to life and defeats Xehanort. Ven, meanwhile, manages to thaw himself before Vanitas can kill Aqua, and discovers his dark counterpart to be the source of all Unversed. Vanitas merges with Ven, possessing him and creating the χ-blade. Aqua awakens under Mickey’s care, and the two fight the possessed Ventus while he battles Vanitas from within. Aqua shatters the χ-blade as Ven destroys Vanitas, bringing an end to the Unversed, though Ven’s heart is lost in the process. The destroyed χ-blade unleashes a burst of light, which consumes everyone present and scatters them to the corridors of space, save for Terra’s Lingering Will, which remains in the Keyblade Graveyard.

Mickey saves Aqua and Ventus and brings them to the Mysterious Tower, where Aqua learns that Ven has fallen into a deep sleep and will not awaken until his heart returns. Aqua brings Ven back to the ruins of the Land of Departure, where she discovers Master Eraqus’s Keyblade, and uses it to unlock the Chamber of Waking and recreates the world as Castle Oblivion from the ruins. After leaving Ven within the chamber, Aqua goes to Radiant Garden where she encounters Master Xehanort still in Terra’s body, but having lost some of his memories. Aqua then battles Xehanort who after the fight attempts to unlock his heart, losing his memories completely in the process. Soon after, Terra’s body starts sinking into darkness, but Aqua dives into the darkness and saves Terra from disappearing. Realizing her glider won’t be able to make it back through the portal in time, Aqua sacrifices herself by discarding her armor and using it to guide her glider, Terra-Xehanort in tow, back through the portal leaving herself behind and lost in the Realm of Darkness. Xehanort is discovered by Ansem the Wise, ruler of Radiant Garden, and goes on to become his apprentice. Ventus’s wandering heart finds its way to young Sora, merging with the young boy’s heart.

Blank Points

An unlockable secret ending shows the hearts of Terra and Master Xehanort lying dormant in Xehanort’s body, waiting to see which will control it in the end, with Eraqus’s heart revealed to be sealed within Terra’s. It also shows a recovered Xehanort walking with Braig as Ansem the Wise and Ienzo pass by. Shortly after the end of Kingdom Hearts II, Aqua encounters Ansem the Wise in the Dark Margin. Ansem, who had survived the explosion of his Kingdom Hearts Encoder with few of his memories remaining, reveals to Aqua that while darkness threatens to swallow the worlds again, hope lies in the form of Sora, who prepares to set out on another journey to help all of those whose hearts are connected to his.

Until again…my Kingdom Hearts junkies.