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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

So Square Enix has screwed me again!!!!!  Big Freaking Surprise.  Their new little pet game is this…Kingdom Hearts 3D:Dream Drop Distance…which is not for a major console…or a PSP…but for the damn Nintendo 3DS.   They think I’m going to run around like a retard with a PSP in one hand, a DS in the other, and play the 3DS with what…my feet?   No way, I was lucky to have enough money to get my PSP much less another new hand held.  Anyway the release date in America has yet to be announced…so all you people waiting for it, can go off and play your Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, with I sulk and twiddle my thumbs and hope before I die I get to Play Kingdom Hearts III.  Anyway here is the trailer with the best quality.  Sorry it is not in English, but all the talking was already in the Re:Coded secret ending…so piece it together.

All we know about this game is Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is an upcoming game in the Kingdom Hearts series slated to be released on the recently announced Nintendo 3DS hand-held system. It was previously known as Kingdom Hearts 3D until the official title was revealed.

Dream Drop Distance focuses on Sora and Riku‘s Mark of Mastery exam, foreshadowed in Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts, the secret ending for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, and its ending will lead fairly directly into Kingdom Hearts III. The plot will also have connections to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The setting of Dream Drop Distance will again be spread across several worlds; several Kingdom Hearts-original worlds will return, such as Traverse Town, but all of the Disney-based worlds will be entirely new.

However the trailer confuses me something awful.  Why the hell are Sora and Riku young again?  My friend spent twenty minutes babbling on how confused she was by the trailer.  My idea is that Yen Sid got a little overly creative when it came to Sora and Riku’s Mark of Master Exam.  I think he did some of his magic… whatever… and formed either some dream(it is called Dream Drop Distance), alternate dimension, or another world, or just flat out sent them back in time…wait that last one is dumb.  Scratch that! Either way, he probably did some weird shit for their exam and here we are… Hey but we can go to Paris in the Hunchback of Notre Dame now…FINALLY!!!

I know these pictures suck, but just bear with me…you go with what you got.  Anyway all this info is still unreliable, considering none of the details are set in stone.  I just wanted to inform all you Kingdom Heart Fanatics what was going on…until next time.