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Cristina Vespucci… requiescat in pace…my love.

My New game obsession is Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.  I am thoroughly addicted to this game franchise, so for the past few days I have been running around Rome renovating it, recruiting assassins, and shaking guards with my hidden blade.  While doing so I come across some of Ezio’s repressed memories of Cristina Vespucci.

I said, self I remember her from Assassin’s Creed II, she was Ezio’s love interest.  The first memory of her, I started laughing to myself.  I remember reading it in Assassin’s Creed: Renaissance, a book by Oliver Brown, of this memory happening.  I was excited, yelling to myself, ‘OMG I read this’.  However I did not finish reading the book because my friend stole it from me… so I never found out what happened to Cristina… until now.

I had always been curious on who was to be the mother of Ezio’s child, considering he must have at least one for Desmond to exist.  My money was on Rosa…

You know Rosa, the thief from Venice whom Ezio saves from the guards after she tries to break into that one building. In Oliver Brown’s book, it was confirmed that they were lovers, as in the game they simply flirted.  she was cute and I hoped she would be with Ezio.  However, my dreams were crushed when Ezio went to Rome and Rosa was never mentioned again.   Back to AC:Brotherhood where I said I discovered these repressed memories of Cristina.  I hoped because I was doing theses memories, Ezio might return back to Florence to be with her, when the main plot of this game was over.  So I went to my next girl, Cristina Vespucci; she must be Ezio’s baby mother.  The second memory was sad, as Ezio with Cristina’s help, had to steal his father’s and brother’s bodies to give them a proper burial.

As I progressed to the third memory of her I simply stared open-mouthed at the screen.

Warning Next Part Contains Spoilers

Cristina tells Ezio she’s getting married.  At this point I’m like WTF, and sadly realize at this point it’s downhill from here.  Ezio goes on to save her fiance…blah blah blah, and he leaves Cristina with a kiss.  I am so mad by now I wish I could have just killed her fiance.  Cristina is MINE!  I keep going in the game and get to the fourth memory of her where you meet her in Venice during Carnival.

Ezio tricks Cristina into thinking he is her husband and kisses her.  She discovers it’s him, yells at him and tells him to never find her again.  My mind-set was to say screw it and take her right there, but Cristina leaves, and Ezio stands there alone.  At this point i’m hopping Ubisoft will be kind and Cristina’s husband will die of the plague or something, so Ezio can go back to her.  Then I get to the last memory of her… I wanted to CRY!

“WHAT THE F***!” I watched this, swearing Ubisoft every fraction of a second.  As the memory drew to a close and Cristina admitted she was always deeply in love with Ezio, I swore some more.  She dies in Ezio’s arms.  Why Ubisoft, why give us these memories to toy with us so?!  I hopped maybe Ezio could catch a break.  He only had his brothers and Father killed, he is being hunted by nearly all of Italy, he almost literally single handily has to kill the Borgia leaders!  Is it much to ask to for him to have a true love, not just Caterina Sforza doing him for her own selfish causes.

I saved my game and turned it off.  It was so sad.  Disheartened I turned the TV off.  The memories were there to toy with us, as Ubisoft is good at doing, forcing us to get 100% Sync to unlock this bull.  This however explains why Ezio is kind of Distant in this game.  He has lost everything except his mother and his sister.  Either way I was so mad and sad about this I had to come on here and rant about it.  Ezio may be a fictional character in a game, but those damn developers are sure good at tugging your heartstrings. I wanted to post this to get some comments and feedback from others who were as pissed by this as I was.  This was sooooooo sad!  Cristina is not going to have his baby(sadly), nor is Caterina(thank God) for they both pass away…so maybe there is a slight hope for Rosa.  Damn it still, I wanted Cristina!    This is my latest post in a long while, so requiescat in pace…my love… Cristina Vespucci…you were truly beautiful.