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Theories for book 4

Many questions rise up when one comes to Brisinger; what happens to Murtagh, who’s actually Eragon’s real father, who will become Saphira’s mate, who will ride the green dragon. Stuff like that.  Well i went to http://www.shurtugal.com and they had some compelling theories on what might happen next.  I will start with what will happen to Murtagh

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What will happen to Murtagh?

In Brisinger, Eragon tells Murtagh that changing the way he and Thorn act and their personalities, they will change their true names, thus Galbatorix would lose power over them.  Murtagh argues that Galbatorix probably has something to alert himself about Murtagh’s and Thorn’s true name changing.  Anyway Eragon tries to convince Murtagh that he can save him, and it shows hits that Murtagh does want to be saved, but his fear for Galbatorix is greater.  This shows us Murtagh has some good in him, that he is only doing this because Galbatorix is forcing him to.  I believe Murtagh and Thorn will attempt to change to good, or die trying.  His conversion, or the hatching of the green dragon, I believe, will change the tides in the war to the Varden.

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Who’s actually Eragon’s Father?

Listen to this because Shurtagal.com has a great explanation. Murtagh said that Morzan was his father in the ancient language, and since you can’t lie in the ancient language, Morzan must be his father!” We all Know Selene was Murtagh and Eragon’s mother right, well they both assumed Morzorn was also both their father.  However, this is not at all true, and in reality Morzan is not Eragon’s father. It is Brom.

It makes way more sense. It also says you can tell an untruth in the Ancient Language if you believe it is truth.  Murtagh believed he was full blooded brothers with Eragon,  they share a mother, and there was no proof to say otherwise, so he assumed he was Morzorn’s son and spoke it in the ancient language.


P. 546

“Son and Father alike, both blind as bats”

It’s about betrayal. Brom was blind to Morzorn’s betrayal and Eragon to Murtagh’s.  Also in Eldest, Oromis tells Eragon about Morzorn.  He tells him how Morzorn was his greatest failure and how Brom idolized him.  Brom followed Morzorn everywhere, never contradicted him, and never believed that he could best Morzan in any venture.  Morzorn took advantage of Brom’s devotion a hundred different times, and Morzorn became proud and cruel.  But, before Oromis could seperate Brom and Morzorn, Morzorn helped Galbatorix steal a dragon hatchling, (Shruikan) to replace Galbitorix’s dead dragon, killing it’s original rider. Then Morzon and Galbatorix fled together.

Direct quote from Eldest, pg 280

“You cannot begin to fathom the effect Morzan’s betrayal had on Brom until you understand the depth of Brom’s affection for him. And when Galbatorix at last revealed himself and the Forsworn killed Brom’s dragon, Brom focused all of his anger and pain on the one who he felt was responsible for the destruction of his world: Morzan.”

Well there it is, Brom was majorly pissed off at Morzon, so of course he would do anything possible to get back at him.  Well Selene had fled from Morzorn after she had Murtagh, well she went to Carvahal.  Brom was in Carvahal, or went to Carvahal, anyway Selene ended up having another baby, Eragon.  The actual father was never disclosed, only assumed.  Why wouldn’t Brom comfort the woman abused by Morzorn?  Why wouldn’t he fall in love with her in the process?  Why wouldn’t they end up having a baby?  Of course it would be kept secret, to avoid issue.  Brom ends up killing Morzorn, and takes his sword.  The end of Morzorn.  Anyway it fits. After Selene died, why would Brom stay in Carvahal. He clames he was staying there waiting for the new Dragon rider.  It was also he wanted to keep an eye on his son.  Also of course the next dragon rider will probably end up being his own son, of course.  He was so quick to pick up on Eragon’s dragon riding because he was looking for it all along.

Anyway another little tidbit that i noticed is Morzorns dragon was red that’s why Zarroc is red. Ok Murtagh’s dragon Thorn is red.  Brom’s dragon the original Saphira was blue, Eragon’s  dragon Saphira is blue.  Coincidence i think not.

anyway i have go so I’ll talk about this later.



8 responses

  1. I think that most of your theories are reasonable. They are pretty well backed up by evidence. Check out BROM HOLCUMSON at Blogger.com

    June 16, 2009 at 7:32 pm

  2. Brenda

    as to the theory of fathers have to be Morzan because of lies in ancient language cant happen, In the Eldest it is pointed out that the Elves can Lie in the ancient language or with hold the truth by manipulation of belief and since Murtagh believed they were full brothers he could say it in the ancient language and the fact that all he said was that they were brothers not the complete geneology it can and is Brom as the father. and the 3rd egg why green? there were lots of different colors and Eragons dream or Premenition at the beging of all the different color of draagons in the sky why not one of the rainbow colored one?
    Will Murtagh change? I don’t know he has shown signs of cruelty and selfishness and Eragon has always shown compassion look at not wanting to kill the Urgals who ambushed them on the way to HelGrind even though he hated them. Murtagh might not be as bad as Galbitorix but he has the capasity to be evil. and the thing from Blagden like the father both Blind as Bats could refer to the fact that his liking of Murtagh can blind him to Murtagh’s faults.
    what I really would like to know is when the 4th book comes out so the theories becom redundent.

    August 23, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    • haylie saldivar

      The next book comes out nevember 8th 2011 and it is called inheritance.

      March 27, 2011 at 2:42 am

      • Xeybhls

        Really? OH thank God….I can’t wait!

        March 29, 2011 at 11:18 pm

  3. george

    well i have a different theory.we all know that galbatorix killed vreal in the last battle. But here is the problem, if i am not mistaken when galbatorix injured vreal he runned away in order to heal himself but galbatorix found and killed him.Well how we can be so sure about that???? What if vreal when he realised that resistance to the forsworn was uselles and he secretly offered his help to galbatorix??? Perahaps he injure was planned from these two that is why vreal did not killed him when he had the chanse.And also think of that what if vreal felt bad because he betrayed the order that was the leader and when the galbatorix found it out he (in order to be saved) locker himself into the vault of souls???Any points about this?? (SORRY FOR ANY MISTAKES I AM LEARNING ENGLISH FOR ONLY 1 YEAR)

    February 24, 2010 at 6:29 pm

  4. george

    I believe vreal is alive, make a secret alliance with galby when he realised that resistance was uselles and in order to be saved (when realised what he really did) locked himself into the voult of souls

    February 24, 2010 at 6:31 pm

  5. mitsos

    i believe vreal is alive and made secret alliance with glaby but when he regret it he hide himself in the vault of souls

    February 27, 2010 at 3:00 pm

  6. mel

    brom is eragon’s father. it is in Brisinger. remember that in the ancient language you can tell a lie if you believe that it is true. if murtagh believe morzan to be eragon’s father he can say it.

    April 8, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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