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My Poem


You spark the fire in my heart,

Oh, one I have tried to ignore.

I am pained when you depart,

You I have come to adore.

But when you are with me,

You ignite the flame in my soul.

My desires, with you, to spend eternity,  

Is blazing in and out of all control.

It is my fault, I am to blame.

I should not have allowed this,

To be consumed in your flame.

While I long for your kiss,

Your smoldering eyes still scorch my skin.

Your love sears my flesh and bone.

This burning inferno devastates me within.

Love me and me alone. ♥

-not telling

Anyway this is a poem i wrote for a contest, i didn’t win diddly squat.  No surprise there.  Anyway tell me what you guys think, and don’t try plagiarizing it, i have it copy righted.




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