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New Moon updates

As a Pathetic Twilight series follower, I have tried to keep up to date on New Moon.  Well there is good news, the new werewolves in the wolfpack are freaken hot!!! Or at least some of them are.

New Moon Pictures, Images and Photos

In other words Dakota Fanning is playing Jane in New Moon. And Cameron Bright is playing her twin brother alec. Jane Pictures, Images and PhotosCameron Bright Pictures, Images and Photos

If you do not know who Jane Or Alec is well maybe you should pick up a Freaken book.  I hate people who are all obsessesed over Twilight and haven’t read it or it’s sequals. Anyway it seems hard to me to picture Dakota as a pain obsesed vampire.  She always plays good roles in movies, so she better not mess it up.  As for Cameron i have no idea who he is so, well he better do a good job. Christopher Heyerdahl is playing Marus. Michael Sheen is playing Aro the leader of the Volturi. The Volturi live in Volterra, Italy. So i’m excited to see how the plot unravels in Italy.

Volterra, Italy Pictures, Images and Photos

Volterra, Italy is the ancient Italian city where the Volturi reside. It is very beautiful and is known as the safest place in the world from vampire attack. The Volturi do not permit any sort of hunting there as they do not like anything that could expose them.Volterra is near the famous little town of San Gimignano in the region Toscana. Volterra is known for its numerous old buildings and a city wall that goes all around the city.The city celebrates Saint Marcus Day, who is in fact Marcus of the Volturi, as a day when St. Marcus supposedly drove all vampires away from the city using garlic and other sorts of vampire repellents. That is where the myth of garlic repelling vampires started, as well as silver stakes.There is, in fact, no St. Marcus, but there is a St. Mark after whom cities in Italy celebrate with a Feast of St. Mark. 

Anyway here is some updates.  i also picked out this trailer from Youtube about New Moon.  It’s not the real thing but i kind of liked it. hope You Do too.





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