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Is this the end of Spyro?

I finally beat the game The Legend of Spyro, Dawn of the Dragon during my spring break.  It was AWESOME!!!!  It was one of those games that filled me with anger and joy at the same time.  At the Ending, Spyro and Cynder finally fight Malafor and Ibeat him.  Awesome right?  Well no!  It turns out despite the fact you beat Malafor,  The giant Lava monster thing still crawls in the earth and blows it up.  How horrible!!  But Spyro has this realization while the world is crumpling, that he is destined to save it.  Cynder tells Spyro she will not leave him while the world is falling apart.  Spyro then projects some huge force-field thing, thus stopping the earth from falling apart.  While this is all happening Cynder whispers over the explosion I LOVE YOU!!  Yes she finally confesses she is in love with him.  Then it shows the world saved. La di dah.  Who cares? My concern at this time is what happened to Cynder and Spyro.  Are They Dead?  I was so broken hearted at the ending I almost cryed. I thought they were Dead.  But then I waited after the credits, like every good gamer should,  to see if there was a secret ending like there was in the other two Legend of Spyro Games. Low and Behold there was!!!  It shows Ignitis becoming the new Chronicler, and his search for the missing dragons, Spyro and Cynder.  Guess what their not dead!!  They survived the explosion and it shows them briefly fly by.  Yay they lived!!


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