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Is this the end of Spyro? Part 2

Ok ok, Spyro and Cynder live. I am quiet happy about that.  But everyones question is… is this the last Spyro game?  Almost everyone on the Internet says it is the last Spyro, well NO!!  They are wrong!!  This is the Last Spyro in The Legend Of Spyro trilogy, but not of Spyro entirely.  Mike Graham, Associate Producer for Sierra Entertainment went in for a Q&A before the Release of Dawn of the Dragon. He said, & I Quote ” Without a doubt, there will be more Spyro games in the future. The entire purpose of the trilogy was to re-establish the characters and the world in a way that would allow for growth and expansion. We’ve only scratched the surface.”  So There, this is not the end of our beloved Purple dragon, but the beginning.  Do you honestly think the Game designers at Sierra Entertainment would limit their wonderfully first free-flight Spyro game.  This game is jam packed with melee combat moves, cool new breath abilities, and much much more.  I Don’t think Sierra would keep this all for one game only. I wouldn’t. This year Spyro celebrates his tenth anniversary and lets keep it going for many years to come.

Spyro the Dragon cover Pictures, Images and Photos <- Year 1 to Year 10 ->The Legend Of Spyro The Dawn Of The Dragon Pictures, Images and Photos


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