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November 2009 Will Bring Good


New Moon, Twilight’s notorious sequel.  Loved by all, but hated by them also.  If you have not bothered to read New Moon I suggest reading it, but only if you read Twilight already.  People who skip books, or read them out of order just annoy me.  but hey it’s your life, do what you want.  Anyway, New Moon itself was a good book, but rather depressing.  The Movie i hope will be good also.  It will be hard for the director to top off Twilight, but it needs to be done.  Twilight needed improvements in the movie, and i hope it meets my expectations in New Moon.  To all the people reading New Moon currently, don’t lose faith it gets better.  to all the people voting for Jacob, fall off a cliff.  I have already made sure i am doing absolutly nothing November 20th so i can hang with my friends and watch New Moon.



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