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I’m kinda bummed. The Guy who plays Edward on the up coming move Twilight isn’t hot enough.  Edward is suppose to be gorgeous but this guy is only kinda hot.  Not really though.  One of my friends thinks he’s hot but I’m like whatever, he needs to be hotter.  The good news is i got some new Twilight apparel.  I got a new shirt.  This isn’t me, i just got this shirt.

This isn't me ok. i just got the shirt

On the back it says

What if i’m not the hero, what if i’m the bad guy.

I also got this pimped out hoodie.

Twilight "I don't want to be a Monster" Zip-up Hoodie

Yeah and On the back it says.

I Don’t want to be a monster.

I also got some some posters


My mom bought me the Edward poster and i got the couple one of Bella and Edward at Wal-Mart.

I’m running out of space on my walls, i have to many posters.



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