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Why didn’t Sora kiss Kairi?!!!

That’s exactly what i asked myself. For two entire games already Sora has his goals to find Kairi the love of his life but he has never kissed her.  How wrong is that!  The entire second game Sora feels all mushy inside thinking of Kairi when he sees the charters in the other worlds getting together.  Will and Elizabeth, Aladin and Jasmin, and whoever else i don’t care to remember.  He is madly in love with this girl and the creators of this game are just so cruel they don’t even let them KISS!~! I told myself while i was playing Kingdom Hearts 2 that if they didn’t kiss at the end i was going to snap the game in half.  Of course at the end of the game nothing happens Sora and Riku return home and Sora doesn’t even kiss her then.   I couldn’t do it, break my copy i mean,  but it’s still messed up.  They better kiss in the third one because we don’t get to see them for the next few games.  Darn Japanese making us America’s wait in suspense!


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