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Destroy all Humans

This game and it’s sequel are freaking awesome. You play a Alien clone named Cryptosporidium 137 (AKA Cryto) from the planet Furon. You and your boss Orthopox 13 (AKA Pox) collect human brain stems in the USA to fill up the data banks full of ancient Furon DNA to save his race from going extinct. It’s up to Crypto to help save his race or he too will die. The clone before him failed and was captured by human organization called Majestic, who now know his existence. Majestic is bent on stopping Crypto from harvesting brain stems and seizing power with any means necessary. To bad Crypto has big bad tricked out weapons of mass destruction and a pimped out flying saucer. Way awesome but not meant for those little kids not meant to hear some crude humor. A 4.5 out of 5.

Sequel to Destroy All Humans. You play Crypto 138, clone of 137 who has mysteriously died. Cryto 138 is made of pure Furon DNA and posses some new features. Pox who resides in the mother ship is killed by a Russian nuclear missile along with Gastro the janitor. Pox and Gastro downloaded their consious into a HoloPox unit (a holographic device Pox created to communicate with Cryto on earth.) Crypto who now is president of the United states must stop Russia KGB agents from Destroying the USA. He fight ninjas, giant monsters, and even another team of Majestic. Good thing Crypto has a new partner in crime, Natalya, a KGB double agent who helps Crypto. Together they come across the Blisk, the dreaded enemies of the Furons thought to be destroyed in the ancient wars. Really fun and Crypto has some cool new toys. 4.8 out of 5.

Sequel to Destroy all Humans 2. Crypto and Pox start a fast food restaurant to harvest more Furon DNA. Their enemy Colonel Kluckin discovers their secret and Crypto must protect the restaurants with their restaurant’s mascot Big Willy. I haven’t gotten this game yet, and I don’t know of anybody who has it. It sound fun but you just have to see for yourself.

This is the sequel to Big Willy Unleashed suppose to be released in October. I’m not sure what consul it will be released for, but likely PS3 or Xbox. Using the money from the Big Willy restaurants Pox started, Pox and Cyrpto start a “family friendly” casino, which they use to obtain steady financial support and Furon DNA. Crypto has lost all motivation and becomes a lazy coach potato and forgets what it means to destroy all humans. The casino is atacked by the American Mafia and shortly after that Crypto is attacked by Nexos mysterious Cyborgs from Cyrptos home planet. This scares Pox and Crypto.  Crypto comes face to face with a conspiracy from his home planet, and if it’s not stopped could destroy them all forever. In all this chaos, Crypto hears a voice in his head telling him to go to Shen Long.  Later while in Sunnywood, Cryto is shot in the neck, faints, and wakes up in a Kung Fu monastery where he is greeted by a Furon Martial arts expert known as The Master.  The Master beseeches him to submit to his tutelage, and train in mind and firepower, to help defeat these new threats.  Crypto must go down the path of enlightenment, and ultimately shape his destiny, to destroy all humans. Sounds awesome huh?

(some information gotten from wikipedia rest from personal experience)


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