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Chicken update

Well i haven’t been updating about my chickens, there huge now.These where my chicks  that i got around the beginning of july. They are gold star hybrids weighing in about 4.2 pounds. They were so sweet and fuzzy when they arrived. There names are Rosalie, Pippy, Amelia, Chilly, and Clementine. I got to name Rosalie so of course i picked the name of Edward’s adopted beautiful sister from Twilight because Rosalie was the cutest of them all. she is the dark redish chick. My grandma , sister, and step mom named the other four chicks.

well this was about a month ago this is how they look now.

Here are the chicks who just a short month ago were the size of golf balls. they are hanging out in there new outdoor play area my dad just finished earlier today. It has become extremely difficult to tell them apart so i have tied color embroidery thread to their legs to tell the difference between them.  it worked until Chilly and Clementine pecked theirs off so now i have to examine tail feathers to tell the difference.

I can’t Forget Bella and Glyfie.

These are the two chicks we started out with before we go the gold stars.  I have talked about Bella a little bit before.  There mom was killed by a fox and God sent them our direction. Except i highly doubt they are even related; they have now grown to almost adults and they look nothing alike.

Bella is the big white chicken. We think she is a Bantam Cochin.  Glyfie is the salt and peppery chicken. A chicken expert said she is a African Game Hen, or at least part AGH. They may be sisters but i don’t think so, because neither of them have the same characteristics as the other, except large tail feathers.  We still aren’t 100% sure Bella is a chicken either.   The chicken expert said she might be a roster by the way she looks but her feather’s are rounded like a female chicken should have.  I still call her a girl because that’s what i think she is.  If she is a roster we will have to get rid of her though,(tear) But i will rename her Edward or Moses if she is a dude. We just have to wait and see what comes first, the cock a doodle do or the egg.


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  1. madfrank

    Mmmm chicken n chips …………………………

    August 19, 2008 at 3:48 pm

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