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I’m having trouble trying to guess what the plot will be for. Breaking Dawn. My guild was saying the Volturi will be the main trouble makers in the book. Now that they know Bella’s still Mortal they might come after her. I Believe that but i also think Tanya might be an instigator too. My guild has quotes from the new book and one is of Tanya saying “AW, Edward I missed you.” That means she shows up in this book. Ow remember Bella was concerned about Edward staying with all the female vampires in Eclipse when he was trying to avoid killing Bella in Twilight. He said Tanya liked him but he let her down easy. So Tanya shows up, ok so you may be thinking so what. Well if she comes she might bring her whole clan. Here’s one of two guesses i have. They show up in Forks, maybe for the wedding. Ok Now in Eclipse Tanya’s clan couldn’t help the Cullen’s fight the newborns because Tanya’s sister had a thing with Laurent, and her sister had a grudge against the werewolves for killing Laurent. Well if they show up in Forks Tanya’s clan may try to fight the werewolves. Bella might try and get in between that. Just because Jacobs gone doesn’t mean she know he is. Edward will try to protect Bella involving the Cullens so a fight might break out between the Cullen,Werewolves, and Tanya’s clan. The second guess i have is Bella and Edward go to Alaska maybe to college and stay with Tanya or visit or something. there are my guesses if they are right i have no idea.

Quote from Breaking Dawn

Emmett Cullen “Oooo Scary!”


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