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Now i Wish Kingdom Hearts 3 would come out, but what i heard is it might be a few years till it does.  The secret ending to Kingdom Hearts 2 is not a preview to kingdom hearts 3.  The ending is suppose to be for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.  That one is suppose to come out for the PSP sometime this year or next.  It sadly has nothing to do with Sora. (Tear) It’s some new characters.  You make think it does involve Sora or Roxas but no.  I bet your thinking Well it looks like Roxas in the trailer being frozen.  WRONG.  It’s a new character named Ven who just happens to be a Roxas look alike. They just throw you all out of wack making you think the secret ending to 2 is like the cool new 3rd one.  they got you believing it was because that’s what they did with the first one.  Those punks.

Here’s the trailer for Birth By Sleep


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