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Guess What?

Chicken Butt!

Yes i have chickens. Seven to be exact, and boy can they be pains in the butt sometimes. Catching them can be difficult but it doesn’t take Rocky Balboa to do it. Now the main trouble maker is Isabella.

She looks sweet and special. You just want to hold her and cuddle her and make her yours right. Well WRONG. This was four weeks ago when herself and her sister were helpless chicks who was orphaned when their mother was killed by a fox. Bella (for short) would snuggle in my sleeve all sweet. This is Bella Now.

Yes that big white lob is Bella now. She has developed a uncanny knack for running away from you, and man is she fast. She has attitude and wont deal with the other chickens messing with her or her sister. When she decides to run all the chicks run and there we go after them. (Random)Can anyone possibly guess who i named Bella after. Now if you want to see more about my chicks go to ajesuschicks web blog.


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